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Work smarter, not harder. Life is bound to throw a few curveballs your way during you weight loss journey, but the most important thing is not to let it derail you from your goal. Just because you can do something without tools to help you out along the way, doesn’t mean you should.

If you think you’ll always be motivated or have the time to exercise, the reality is that you probably won’t. If you think you’ll join a gym and attend a class every single day, you probably won’t. It’s not always easy to relax after a really stressful day. The truth is that some days you just do not want to get out of your warm bed to go to the gym. You have no motivation to eat a salad over a piece of stringy, cheesey pizza. Maybe a work or family hiccup means that you miss out on your normal workout session.

Sometimes you won’t be able to relax after a really hard day no matter how hard you try. The point here is that weight loss is not a solo journey and you’re probably going to need some help along the way. These are the Top 20 Weight Loss and Wellbeing Products that I use, which have helped to keep me motivated to lose half of my body weight in the face of adversity and to restore my body after intense workouts.


1. Yoga Mat

You can’t always make it to the gym. It could be that you have to care for a family member or get handed a desk full of paperwork. Regardless, one day you won’t be able to carry out your normal routine. This is when you need to decide: ‘Am I just going to give up on my weight loss goals for a while?’ or ‘I need a back up plan for the next time this happens’.

It’s a good idea to have a back up plan for when the unexpected happens. Having a yoga mat waiting for you at home is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to ensure that you can still do a quick exercise as soon as you get home or get up in the morning. When you have a yoga mat, you’re in charge of when you exercise and you don’t have many excuses not to work out.

You can do yoga, pilates, muscle stregthening exercises and aerobic exercises all on one little mat. This means that you can always fit in an exercise session no matter what happens. You don’t need to worry about getting transport to a gym, paying gym fees or not being able to take time off when you want to attend certain classes. There are so many great yoga and at-home exercises online that make it impossible not to have a great workout from home. If you’re serious about losing weight, then I would highly suggest purchasing a high quality yoga mat like the one I’ve used here. It’s a great investment in your weight loss routine and hands the control back to you.

2. Yoga Towel

If you’re doing yoga, then I’d also highly recommend buying a yoga towel to place on top of your yoga mat. I never bothered with a yoga towel for years until I joined a class and noticed how much it improved the practice of others. The main purpose of the yoga towel is to make the yoga mat non-slip and to support you while you get into your poses. If you’re looking to step up your yoga practice, it’s a great idea. I would recommend this towel here if you’re looking to try it out.


3. Dumbbells

Just like having a yoga mat at home, having your own set of dumbbells will help to keep you in control of your weight loss regimine. You can get some great benefits from adding weight lifting in your routine. If you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey, I would highly recommend a good set of dubbells, such as these ones here. Having your own dumbbells at home means that you won’t lose all the muscle tone that you’ve worked so hard to attain at the gym if you’re forced to stay home for a little while.

If you don’t have a gym membership and find that your normal exercise is no longer producing results, that’s another great reason to shake it up and try weight lifting. They’re fairly inexpensive and come in sets, which means that you can work your way up from the lightest to the heaviest weights at your own leisure. This is the best way to build muscle and muscle is key to fighting fat. Always make sure you warm up before any exercise. If you feel any pain other than a mild stretch during exercise, make sure you stop immediately and seek professional medical attention.

4. Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are in many ways a more versatile version of dumbbells. No matter what exercise you are undertaking to lose weight, ankle weights can help you to intensify your workout. They are easily placed around your wrists or ankles before exercise and cause your body to burn more calories during whatever type of physical exercise you’re doing.

Even if you’re just walking, you can benefit from ankle weights. They can speed up your weight loss by making your body work harder to do the same exercise it would normally do with more weight. You can wear the weight while running, walking, cycling, during yoga or pilates classes and even just around the house. If you’re keen to get the most out of the time you spend exercising, then you can’t go past ankle weights to help speed your progress along and increase your results. The ankle weights I recommend can be found here.

5. Resistance Bands

Another great way to enhance an at – home workout is with resistance bands. If you’re into yoga or just looking to tone and strengthen your muscles, you can benefit from these tension building bands. The resistance bands I recommend can be found here. You can use resistance bands to deepen your stretches and increase your flexibility by adding them into yoga poses such as Standing Knee by wrapping the band around your knee and puling it towards you with your arms. For strength training, an example would be to wrap a band around your thighs and try to push your thighs away from each other as hard as you can. They are easy to use and are can be worth implementing into your weight loss routine.

6. Weight Loss Jump Rope

If you’d like to have an intense workout ready for you whenever you get home, then a weight loss jump rope is a great idea for you. You can launch into a fat burning exercise whenever you like and be sure that you’re burning a high number of calories. Jumping is one of the highest calorie burning activities and jump roping for a long period of time takes some serious strength.

So it comes as no surprise that a weight loss jump rope can speed your progress along. It’s not only great becuase you don’t have to go to the gym to get an intense workout, you can also integrate it with HIIT training. You could try to push yourself at maximum effort for one minute and then push yourself at moderate intensity for two or three minutes. This HIIT cycle can be a great way to burn more fat faster. With the weight loss jump rope, you can have a great fat burning workout at your fingertips. If you’re interested in a weight loss jump rope, you can find out more and purchase it online here.

7. Fit Bit

There are few weight loss tools that are as popular as the Fit Bit. If you go to the gym you’ll see people of all ages wearing one. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re being active enough each day and aren’t spending too much time sitting around. It’s ideal for people who are not able to go to the gym every single day as it lets you know how many more steps you need to take in order to meet your ‘goal’ in order to lose weight. The Fit Bit is an effective way to track your daily activity and keep you accountable for reaching your goals.

Newer versions of the fit bit can also track your heart rate, walking pace, distance traversed and body mass index (BMI) amongst other features. It’s definitely worth considering adding a Fit Bit into your routine. Firstly because it keeps you accountable and active every day and secondly because it can serve a motivational purpose by always encouraging you to push yourself and showing the progress you’ve already made. You can find the Fit Bit I used to cut my body weight in half here.

8. Good Quality Headphones

There is a big difference between a work out session listening to your favourite music and a workout session where your headphones break or you’ve forgotten them. You’re left working out out in silence or listening to whatever music is on in the gym. There’s nothing wrong with listening to the gym’s music or working out in silence. But there’s a special motivational quality about listening to music you like and which motivates you to push yourself harder while exercising. When you’re working out to music that inspires you or that reminds you of why you’re working out and what losing your excess body weight means to you, you will likely find that it’s easier to push yourself and reach new limits.

Whether it’s running faster or lifting heavier, a good set of headphones and some great music can really push you the extra mile. Many people also listen to inspirational podcasts from their favourite athletes or people who they admire while they work out. It’s all to the same effect. Listening to music while working out can be inspirational and motivational. It can make reaching your goals easier and a lot more fun. If you’re in the gym every day, sooner or later your headphones are probably going to stop wroking. It can be worth investing in a set of good quality headphones that aren’t going to die on you tomorrow. Headphones can really help you get and use that motivation you need to push past your limits. I recommend these headphones listed here.

9. Weight Scale 

You’ve probably been told somewhere along the line that the number on the scale is not important. That is correct in the sense that you should not judge your own self worth by the weight scale. However, it is also a really helpful tool when you’re trying to lose weight. I found it to be single handedly the most important tool for tracking how your weight loss routine is going.

Weight scales can tell you whether or not you’re achieving your goals. Without a weight scale, the only other ways to track your weight loss are through the use of a tape measure or how your clothes are fitting. Both of these are legitimate ways to track your weight loss. But both are not usually as accurate as the weight scale. 

All too often people purchase low quality scales in supermarkets. They become frustrated when it gives them ridiculous weight estimates that change dramatically each day and do not improve with effort. This can be really disheartening. It’s a much more rewarding experience if you invest in a good quality weight scale earlier on. Then you can measure the results and see your progress right before your eyes.

Most high quality sclaes will connect to an app on your phone and will track your weight and health metrics. They can usually report on your BMI, bone mass, body fat percentage and hydration, which can be really useful. It’s important to read the insert to make sure you’re not using the scale incorrectly. Ensure you place it on a flat surface like tiles. Stay away from using it on carpet or creaky floorboards to avoid inaccurate results. You can save yourself a lot of heartache by purchasing a high quality scale online, like this one that I recommend here.

10. Tape Measure

Another way to measure your weight loss progress is by using a tape measure. The tape measure can take some getting used to.  It can be worth using a good quality tape measure that is made for the purpose of  recording weight loss, like the one I recommend which can be found here. While the weight scale is definitely the more reliable and accurate of the two, there are two scenarios where it’s really worth having a tape measure.

The first scenario is if your weight scale starts giving you conflicting results and you want to double check your progress with a tape measure. In this situation, the tape measure can tell you whether or not your scale has malfunctioned and if you’re losing or gaining weight. The other sitaution where a tape measure is helpful is for motivational purposes. If you record your waist measurement each week and then see your waist melting away, it can be really encouraging to visualize just how much weight you’ve lost. Some people prefer the tape measure to a weight scale and use it solely to record their weight loss. There’s nothing wrong with this and having a tape measure is a great idea for anyone who is serious about losing weight.

11. Clothes

Would you be motivated to go to the gym every day in old clothes that make you feel like doing exercise is a chore? Do you think you would be more motivated to wear your brand new, stylish, performance enhancing clothes that make you feel like a superstar way before you ever set foot in the gym? A great way to boost motivaton and encourage you to be the person you want to be is to get yourself some special clothes for exercising in. If you invest in yourself like this, you’re also investing in your performance. If you already look the part then who’s to say you’re not a seasoned gym veteran already?

It’s sort of a placebo effect. It’s meant to boost your confidence and help you to get into that mindset that you need to reach, in order to maximize your performance. It may work for you, it may not, but if you feel your motivation lacking or need a confidence boost, it’s definitely worth giving a try. Where intention goes, energy flows. If you invest in your health like this, you’re much more likely to follow through and wear the clothes. Which will in turn make you more likely to go and work out. If you’re interested, a high quality work out top that I like can be found here. It’s worth spending some time in the shops or online to find something you really like and will motivate you personally.



12. Good Quality Shoes

Following on the topic of clothes, your shoes are going to get hit with the brunt of your workout routine. I’ve gone through about four pairs of sneakers in six months and they were all pretty average quality. For the same amount of money I’ve spent four times, I could have spent it just once on a higher quality pair of sneakers that would have seen me through my weight loss journey. You’re probably going to see a lot of wear and tear on your shoes no matter what type of activity you take up.

It can be worth investing in name brand shoes, like the ones I love and recommend here, rather than making the mistake I did and purchasing many low quality shoes that will fall apart after a month. Another point to be made about your shoes is the use of in-sole gel pads. If you have a lot of weight to lose, the constant impact of exercise on your feet in the beginning can cause a lot of pain and ankle swelling. If you’re feeling a lot of ankle and foot pain while exercising, it can be worth investing in some quality gel in-soles. The gel in-soles that helped me while I was losing weight can be found here.


13. Arm Phone Holder

Often seen on joggers, an arm phone holder is a pouch that holds your phone, which can be wrapped around your arm to allow you to keep your hands free while exercising. It’s a nifty little device that can come in really handy while you’re woking out. It works well while jogging, cycling, or weightlifting and is a great way to keep listening to the music you like and find motivational for yourself, without having to worry about finding a special pocket or ledge to leave your phone on while your working out. If you enjoy working out to music or motivational podcasts, an arm phone holder can be a great idea. The arm phone holder I recommend can be found here.


14. Water Bottle

A large water bottle is a really popular way to make sure you’re drinking enough water. It’s common to work out really hard and not see any weight loss results because of water intake. If you aren’t drinking enough water, your body can hold onto excess weight. Not only this, but you can suffer from dehydration. It’s important to flush out the harmful particles that your body needs to get rid of.

Always make sure that you have enough water when you exercise. Refill your bottle during exercise if you need to. If you’re using a sauna, it’s important that you understand the warning signs of dehydration. A larger water bottle can be a great way to ensure that you’re getting enough water each day. It allows you to track how much water you’ve drunk so far and how much more you should drink to avoid dehydration. If you’re interested, a great large water bottle can be found online here.

15. Food Scale

Portion control is often much easier said than done. For example, you know you can only eat 150g of chicken in your dinner tonight to reach your weight loss goal. How do you figure out what 150g of chicken looks like? You could google it online and look at photos, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to accurately measure how much chicken you’ve cooked. Especially when it comes to high calorie foods like sweets and nuts, you may be surprised at just how hard it is to estimate the right amount of food.

One of the best ways to make sure that you aren’t over or under eating is to buy a food scale. It can really be your best friend when it comes to keeping your diet in check. Not only is it great for your diet, but it can also come in handy for measuring ingredients for recipes. If you think that you may be inaccurately recording the food you’re eating, then it can be worth purchasing a good quality food scale like this one here. You may also find it beneficial to buy a range of small measuring cups like the ones found here, which can stop you from pouring out too much food and trusting that you’ll stop yourself. If you’ve gone ahead a poured yourself a large bowl of something, there’s always a danger that you’ll over eat. Portion control is key!









16. Blender / Juicer

If you’re on a bit of a health kick or are looking for another way to cut out some more calories, then you should consider getting a blender or a juicer. What’s the difference between a blender and a juicer? A blender just mixes up whatever you put into it to create a thick smoothie. While a juicer squeezes the juice out of fruits and vegetables and discards the flesh and rind of the food. When it comes to counting calories, a juicer can be your best friend. You can get all the benefits from a piece of fruit without having to eat all the calories from its flesh.

Smoothies are really filling and can be a great way to add a wider variety of nutrients into your diet. If you’re interested in weight loss smoothies and fat burning juices, then getting a blender or a juicer might be for you! They can be invaluable tools to not only change your weight, but also your lifestyle. If you’re interested, you can find a link to a blender I recommend here and a link to a high quality juicer here.


17. Spiralizer

If you’re not yet spiralizing zucchini instead of using pasta, you might want to give it a try! Spiralizers are all the rage at the moment and for good reason. 100g of zucchini clocks in at only around 17 calories while 100g of pasta clocks in at about 131 calories. If you swap your pasta intake for zucchini, that’s a huge savings in calories.

To start out, try substituting spiralized zucchini for spaghetti. The zucchini has that long, stringy texture like pasta and can be delicious when mixed with a nice bolognese sauce. You can also use the spiralizer to make your salads more interesting and to create some interesting side dishes. If you’re looking for a way to cut a lot of calories out from your day and make your food more interesting, then the spiralizer might be a great idea for you! You can find a link to a great spiralizer I recommend here.

18. Food Diary

Weight loss gets serious when you start recording what you eat every day. It is essential that you are honest with yourself and what type of food and how much of it you’re eating. It can be a great idea to keep yourself accountable by recording what you eat every day. Every sneaky snack and every tiny nibble should be written down in the book. If you haven’t been doing this and your weight loss has halted, this is probably why. The value of a good quality food diary can be huge. Sure you can just write down what you eat on a few pieces of paper, but you’re likely to lose those and place them out of order.

Invest In Yourself

If you invest in a food diary, you’re investing in yourself and your weight loss efforts. Having a special, specific diary that is used only for food can make a big difference. It will allow you to track your eating habits over time and importantly, will allow to track what you ate when you lost a lot of weight and what you ate when you gained weight. If you figure out what types of food (and how much of it) you eat that help your body to lose weight, you can re-create the day when you successfully lost weight and use it as a blueprint to create more templates for days where you can successfully lose weight again. I can’t overstate the importance of a food diary, if you don’t have one, it’s worth a try! Here is a link to a really nice food diary that I’ve enjoyed here.

19. Diffuser

It’s not always as easy as you’d think to relax after a stressful day. Especially if your muscles are tense from a lot of repetitive exercise or rapid weight loss. A good quality diffuser can do wonders to help you to subconsciously relax. Scents like vanilla, lavender and sandalwood can help you to relax both physically and mentally. If you’re finding that you’re really tense after stressful experiences or intense exercising, it can be a great idea to invest in a diffuser that will distract your senses and give your mind a bit of a break from focusing on negative thoughts. Coupling this with meditation can be even better! If you’re interested, you can find a link to a high quality diffuser that I use here.

20. Massager

Another great way to relax and soothe strained muscles is with electronic massagers. These can be for your legs, shoulders, arms, neck or back. It helps the local muscles to unwind and start repairing themselves from whatever exercie you’ve undertaken. It’s often overlooked that weight loss can sometimes also have a negative effect on muscle. For example, if you’re eating a very low amount of food. The weight loss you’re seeing may be a mix of both fat and muscle loss.

Strong muscles are an important part of weight loss. You want to make sure that you’re looking after them as best you can. Taking the time out to rest and massage sore muscles can be highly beneficial. This gives them a chance to relax and  repair themselves, so that they are even stronger than before. No matter if you’re weight lifting, jogging or doing yoga, you can benefit from using massagers on sore or overworked muscles. A link to a high quality electronic massager can be found here.

21. Sauna Brushes 

Whether or not you’re using a sauna frequently, there are numerous benefits that can be had from using sauna brushes. When you ‘dry brush’ your body, you remove dead skin cells and help to unblock pores. You can also help to improve your body lymphatic or ‘drainage’ system. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and is responsible for creating immune cells, moving fluids away from tissues and for absorbing fat. It can also be highly important in the process of removing unwanted substances.

The lymphatic system is not able to move fluid without your help and does not have a pump like a heart to move it around your body. So, it is entirely dependant on you and your level of activity to move it around. Using sauna brushes can be a great way to support your lymphatic system and your overall wellbeing. This can be especially true during weight loss when a lot of changes are occuring and you are trying to rid your body of excess fat and the byproducts of weight loss. If you’re interested, you can find high quality sauna brushes that I recommend via this link here.


That’s our Top 20 Weight Loss and Wellbeing Products.

There are a lot of useful products out there that help you to lose weight, keep yourself accountable, stay motivated, keep your calculations accurate and help you to recover quickly from your toughest work outs. Have you tried any of the products in this list? Which products do you find the most helpful? I’d love to hear from you! Send an email thorugh to emily@zenithfitnessandwellbeing.com or leave a comment down below.

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