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Have you been working out really hard and eating healthy food, but you’re still not seeing any weight loss results? It may be time to try a supplement to speed along your progress. Weight loss pills dominate the maket today, but not every pill is made equal. How are you supposed to know which ones work and which don’t? Reading reviews and getting recommendations can definitely help you to make the right decision. Most weight loss pills claim to help you lose weight through increasing your metabolism, helping you to feel fuller for longer or reducing the amount of fat that your body can absorb.

The best thing you can do to lose weight is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily. However, adding a supplement into your daily routine can help to speed along your weight loss. So, you’ve decided that you’d like an extra boost to help you lose weight. Now, which supplement are you going to pick?

While many supplements do what they claim, others can do more harm than good or do nothing at all! We’re going to do the hard yards for you and narrow down the top 10 weight loss pills and supplements that actually work based on current science and consumer testimonials.


1: Apple Cider Vinegar



Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has skyrocketed in popularity recently, and for good reason. Acetic acid is found in ACV and helps to maintain a balanced pH level within your body. When your pH levels are balanced, you body will function better and perform better at weight loss.

This video by Dr. Eric Berg helps to demonstrate how ACV plays an important role in absorbing minerals and digesting proteins, as well as other essential functions. All of these results are essential for a healthy body and effective weight loss, so it’s definitely worth a watch!

If you’ve ever tried Apple Cider Vinegar by itself, you’ll know that it can have quite a strong vinegar taste. There are numerous ways to get around this, such as sipping the ACV through a straw (which also protects your teeth), mixing it in with foods or smoothies that will overpower the taste and taking ACV in supplement form, like highly praised one here.


Apple Cider Vinegar won’t cause you to drop a dress size over night. But if you add it into your weight loss routine early on, it will help to keep your weight loss consistent in the long run.

The best brand of Apple Cider Vinegar is Bragg’s, which can usually be found in supermarkets or can be easily purchased online here.


2: Elite CLA 1300 by NatureWise



CLA stands for ‘conjugated linoleic acid’, which is an omega 6 fatty acid. CLA occurs naturally in foods such as safflower oil, eggs, beef, and lamb. If you’ve ever tried the Keto diet, you’ll know just how helpful it can be to use fat to lose weight.

CLA has been reported to help you lose weight and also increase strength and endurance, when coupled with daily exercise. Major research was conduced in the 80’s, when researchers discovered CLA’s ability to reduce body fat and a number of studies have been done to authenticate these original investigations. Over 200 studies were reviewed and it was found that CLA does help with weight loss, endurance and supports the immune system (1).

CLA works by keeping fat cells small and breaking down your current fat cells. There are conflicting scientific studies about whether or not CLA will help you to build muscle mass. However, there are a large number of happy customer reviews that support this.

Elite CLA 1300 by NatureWise is derived from pure, premium quality, non-GMO safflower oil from certified sources. This is the highest potency CLA available and is standardized to no less than 95% pure, active CLA with 1300mg per softgel for maximum benefits. The CLA is stimulant free and is made with clean, simple ingredients that are safe for ongoing use. It’s also plant-based and free from artificial fillers, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. Few side effects have been recorded from use of CLA. As with any supplement, there is always a chance that side effects can occur. Fatty acids like those in CLA can sometimes cause nausea or diarrhea.


3: Matcha Green Tea


Using green tea for weight loss has surged in popularity recently. All of the credit for the fantasic weight loss effects of green tea have been attributed to the antioxidant EGCG. EGCG has the ability to boost your metabolism considerably during exercise (2) and is found in abundance in matcha green tea as opposed to regular green tea. By drinking matcha green tea on a regular basis, you’re more likely to maintain your current weight or lose excess weight.

It’s important to note that matcha green tea doesn’t come in tea bags like standard green tea, and instead comes in a loose powdered form. Through the action of grinding the tea leaves into a powder as opposed to using whole leaves, you are able to absorb a higher amount of antioxidants and thus, reap more of the health and weight loss benefits.

Ensure that you continue to practice your daily exercise routine for the best weight loss results. Lift some weights, go for a jog, attend a spin class or do another moderately demanding exercise while taking matcha green tea.

If you’re looking to buy Japanese culinary grade matcha, you’ll find that it can be quite expensive. But don’t worry, there are a range of organic brands that produce the same great weight loss benefits. I recommend this Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder, which is readily available on Amazon.


4: Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is derived from a fruit called tamarind which is native to Southeast Asia. The key ingredient which claims to aid in weight loss is called hydroxycitric acid. Various studies have been conducted on the use of hydroxycitric acid for weight loss and it is a known appetite suppressant and fat burner. Consumers of Garcinia cambogia claim that it encourages you to eat less, exercise more, improves your mood and increases your energy levels.

There is conflicting evidence about Garcinia cambogia. Some studies find a significant reduction in fat in participants. Other studies saw only a very small reduction in fat (3). There was also little evidence found supporting that Garcinia Cambogia can aid in suppressing appetite (4).

That being said, there is a huge following for Garcinia Cambogia and it’s known as one of the most popular weight loss supplements of our time. Many people swear by it and get great results from taking it on a regular basis. Studies have suggested that because Garcinia Cambogia stimulates the productioin of serotonin in the brain, serotonin may actually be the component that helps you to lose weight. Serotonin is the chemical responsible for making you feel happy and content. This could cause you to stop craving unhealthy foods, encourage you to exercise or view your weight loss journey in a more positive light. Serotonin can also help to regulate blood sugar levels, making you less likely to crave sugary snacks.

As with any supplement, Garcinia Cambogia can cause some side effects such as headaches, dizziness or nausea. It’s also recommended that anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes and other health conditions avoid the supplement.

If you’re interested in trying the supplement,  Potent Organics Garcinia Cambogia comes highgly recommended. It has recieved great reviews, includes HCA and potassium for increased fat burning and is also gluten-free, allergen-free, preservative-free and contains no artificial ingredients!


5: Protein Powder


When it comes to effective weight loss, protein is a critical component. Carbs and fat don’t require much energy to be processed by the body, but protein requires more energy to be broken down and thus, your metabolism is increased. It is essential to be consuming enough protein to both strengthen and repair muscles that are stretched or damaged during exercise. Due to the fact that muscle burns more calories than fat, building strong muscles is a crucial first step to healthy and effective weight loss.

The average person doesn’t consume as much protein as they should each day and that’s why most people can benefit from taking a protein powder and boosting their weight loss. The best thing about protein powder is that it comes very highly concentrated, and it is an easy way to consume a large amount of protein very quickly.

Whey protein tends to be a favourite for weight loss dieters who credit the protein powder for their results. One study undertaken by the American College of Nutrition concluded that the use of whey protein can cause weight loss, burn body fat and increase muscle mass (5).

One of the most popular and highly prasied whey protein powders is ISO 100 Dymatize Hydrolized Whey, Gourmet Chocolate.Not only is it packed full of protein, low in carbs and sugar, but it also tastes like a chocolate pudding! Talk about an easy way to boost your weight loss!


6: Forskolin


Forskolin has skyrocketed in popularity in the past few years, mostly due to it’s publicity on television. Doctors on television have endorsed the product and consumers are claiming to have lost as much as 10lbs of fat in just one week! The supplement is derived from a type of mint plant and claims to inhibit weight gain.

There haven’t been many studies done on Forskolin, but the studies that have been done, have given us some unexpected insights (6).  One study was carried out on a group of men and a group of women. While the group of men did see some weight loss, the group of women saw almost no significant weight loss at all (7) . It is unclear why the supplement worked better for men than it did for women. However, the researchers did deduce that Forskolin works by stopping additional weight gain.

Bio Schwartz has a popular Forskolin supplement which is non-GMO, gluten-free and allergen-free. This particular brand of Forskolin also advertises that the supplement has been formulated by a physician and has been third-party tested.


7: Orlistat (Alli)


The great thing about Alli is that it is one of the only weight loss supplements that has been approved by the FDA and does not require a prescription for use. This looks like a pretty promising supplement, but how much evidence is there to back it up?

Orlistat is the name of the component in Alli which prevents weight gain by inhibiting the amount of fat that your body can absorb. If you continue eating your normal diet and take Alli, it can remove approximately 25% of the fat you consume from your food. The manufacturers recommend eating a low fat diet while taking Alli to speed weight loss along.

What about the studies? One study followed 100,000 users of Alli and results showed that on average, participants lost about two pounds! However, most of the participants struggled to keep the weight off over an extended period of time (8). As with any weight loss effort, supplements can help to speed your weight loss results along, but it’s up to you to continue eating a healthy diet and exercising to really reap the benefits.

There is one well known side effect to taking Alli. If you normally eat a high fat diet like the keto diet or similar, Alli can cause painful diarrhea. Except for this, Orlistat (Alli) is generally considered safe, but there are precautions. As always, it’s best to read the fine print and consult a health care professional before you choose a supplement.


8: Raspberry Ketones


Raspberry ketones are one of the most popular weight loss pills on the market today. The only downside is that this supplement is that it is so popular that it can be really expensive and some of the cheaper brands use synthetics instead of the real deal.

There have been extensive studies to show that Raspberry Ketones do increase metabolism and fat loss in rats. In particular, the rats that were studied showed an increase of adiponectin, which is the hormone responsible for metabolism regulation (9). A study on women who ingested a combination of capsaicin, ginger, garlic, caffeine and raspberry ketones together showed a significant reduction in body fat and increased weight loss (10).

Yet another great perk of Raspberry Ketones is that it’s safe and there are a huge number of raving testimonials out there from consumers who love and swear by it. If you haven’t tried it yet, it won’t hurt to give it a shot!

Pure 100% Raspberry Ketones by Fresh Healthcare is one of the best supplements out there for a number of reasons. The raspberry ketones used in this product are completely pure and the supplement is also gluten-free and vegetarian! On top of this, the ketones are naturally infused with free radical fighting antioxidants that help to improve vitality, mood, energy and many other health benefits.


9: Green Coffee Bean Extract


It’s well known that the caffeine from coffee is a stimulant that gives you that little bit of extra energy that you need to start your day and keep you moving. So it makes sense to turn to coffee for a metabolism boosting weight loss supplement. Imagine all that extra energy you get when you drink a cup of coffee. What if you could get a stronger caffeine hit and use it to burn more energy and fat throughout your day?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a popular weight loss supplement that is often brought up by doctors on TV or celebrities in magazines. A scientific study conducted in 2008 did find that green coffee bean extract contains antioxidant rich acids that can help you to lose weight (11).

Green Coffee Bean Supplements usually contain the same amount of caffeine as a cup of black coffee.

This means that they can be highly stimulating. When you’re trying to lose weight, a nice hit of caffeine can really pack the punch you need to push yourself harder, for longer. Imagine not feeling so tired at the gym and being able to beat your record speed on the treadmill or performing at your peak in a boxing or yoga class! Various studies have confirmed that the specific type of chlorogenic acid that Green Coffee Bean Supplements contains are absorbed easily by the body and help to burn both glucose and previously stored fat.

NatureWise Green Coffee Bean Extract has been especially formulated to contain just the right amount of caffeine, so it won’t make you feel jittery and shaky. Other great bonuses about this product are that it is vegan, gluten-free and has been formulated by doctors.


10: Evlutioin Nutrition Stimulant Free Weight Loss Support


This just might be the supplement to end all supplements! Evlution Nutrition Stimulant Free Weight Loss Support contains Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean AND CLA! As each of these supplements are effective for encouraging weight loss in their own right, you can imagine the amount of weight loss power Evlution brings to the table!

As well as these three powerful supplement, Evlution also contains L – carnitine which is another effective weight loss supplement in it’s own right.

These ingredients have already been discussed above, so you know how effective each of them are on their own. Buyers of Evlution Nutrition Stimulant Free Weight Loss Support found it to be a great way to get the best out of a diverse range of supplements in one hit and effectively shed those extra pounds! Evlution is also great because it’s gluten-free and you won’t get that terrible jittery and shaky feeling that some other supplements can cause.



11: Glutamine


Going back to the importance of protein, Glutamine is an amino acid which acts as a building block for your body to create protein. This in turn helps to build muscle mass and as muscles burn more calories than fat, it is essential that you have an adequate intake of Glutamine when you’re trying to lose weight.

In fact, having a lack of Glutamine can actually stop you from losing weight. A study published in 2014 investigated a group of women who had taken Glutamine supplements for one month. The women made no chnages to their diets or exercise routines. This group was compared to another group of women who took generic protein supplements for a month. The women who took Glutamine lost significantly more weight than the women who took a generic protein supplement. At the end of this study, the scientists concluded that Glutamine was both “safe and effective” to be used for weight loss (12).

Although Glutamine can be found in foods such as spinach, cabbage and beans, you would have to eat a lot of these foods on a daily basis to build up a high level of Glutamine in your body. A Glutamine supplement is a great idea to increase your intake and give your weight loss a super boost! I highly recommend the popular Glutamine supplement by Optimum Nutrition.


Weight Loss Supplements and Lifestyle Changes

It’s important to remember that there isn’t a magical pill that will help you lose weight overnight. Weight loss is only effective when you commit to a change in your lifestyle and alter your relationship with food and exercise. The supplements above will yield the most benefits if you couple them with a healthy food plan and exercise routine.

Have you tried any of the supplements above? Are there any other supplements you’d like to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment below or send an email through to emily@zenithfitnessandwellbeing.com


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