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Standing Hand To Big Toe Pose



Standing Hand to Big Toe Pose, also known as Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, helps to limber joints, increase the flexibility in your hamstrings, tone thigh muscles and balances your center of gravity. This is a great pose for flexibility and can be used as a preperatory pose before other more advanced poses that require super flexible hamstrings such as Monkey Pose and Standing Splits. If you’re having trouble doing Standing Hand To Big Toe Pose, try doing Tree Pose and Deep Forward Fold to enhance your balance and stretch your hamstrings before you get started. Depending on your experience, you can hold your Big Toe up during the stretch, or, if your legs are strong enough, let your abs and thigh muscles hold your leg up for you.



The main benefit of Standing Hand To Big Toe Pose is its limbering effect. The high level of flexibility that this pose requires helps us to become more flexible and resillient in our daily life. By practicing this pose, we stretch ourselves in a new direction and open ourselves to trying new things.

The lateral nature of this pose also promotes lateral thinking. Standing Hand To Big Toe Pose helps us to feel centred and balanced in our bodies and our lives. There is also a grounding component to this pose, which requires a strong abdomen and legs and feet that are grounded firmly on the ground. Balancing and holding this pose can help us to feel secure and stable in the face of adversity. It enforces the idea that even if you only have one leg to stand on, you are more than capable of holding yourself upright and doing so with strength.



How To


1.Start by standing up straight with your arms hanging by the side of your body. Shift your weight to your left leg and press your left foot firmly into the floor. Put your left hand on your waist and use this to remind you to keep your abdomen strong. Bend your right knee while lifting your right foot upwards. Hold your big toe using your index and middle fingers on your right hand. Gradually lengthen your right leg and make sure that you don’t bend your left leg. Shift the front of your left thigh slightly backwards and ground yourself by pushing down with the sole of your foot.Ensure that your legs remain at an even height and don’t dip downwards on either side.


2.Continue holding your foot in the same position and focus your gaze over your left shoulder. Keep the right hip down so that the right side of your torso remains stretched and hold this pose for a few breaths.


3.Move your right leg towards the front and ensure that your abdominal muscles are firmly locked in place and your torso is strong. Don’t let your leg drop from it’s current height as you release your big toe. Point your toes away from your body. Use the muscles in the front of your thigh and your abdomen to stop your leg from dropping. Now, bring your right arm towards your waist and hold your abdomen like you did on the other side. Continue to stretch your right leg upwards and as high as you can. Make sure that you don’t lean backwards. Stand upright while lifting your chest. Hold this pose for a few breaths.


4.When you’re ready, slowly lower your right leg and repeat this exercise on the opposite side of your body.


That’s Standing Hand To Big Toe Pose! What are your thoughts on this pose? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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